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    Laquinta hotel on 32nd. St.Anyone ever stay here? I'm going down for sunfest reviews are pretty good,pet friendly is what bothers me.Want to get some info from all these experts we have here.

    thanks everyone..

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    I've never stayed there because I try and avoid pet friendly places (allergies). All I know is that it's newer, and one block back from the ocean, directly across from the Double Tree and the Hilton. You're only across the street from Anthony's for great sandwiches and drinks, and a 6 block walk to the end of the boardwalk. Since the tram runs during Sunfest, you can just walk down to the tram station at 27th St and ride the tram to Sunfest and let your car sit. When you book specify that you don't want a pet friendly room. Insist upon it. Only certain rooms are for pets. And watch where you're walking . lol Just teasing.
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      I will watch my step,didn't realize that mot all rooms are pet friendly,maybe I'll call back and request one of those rooms.Thanks for that info Z.


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        I have stayed at Laquinta's all across the country and pet friendly has never been an issue. Now it you have allergies that may cause you concern. Friends have stayed at the one in OC and said it was great.....


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          Thanks highball,that good to know,allergies are not a problem for me,just dont care for a smelly room.I'm sure everything will be fine,I dont spend much time in my room anyways