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    Has anyone ever stayed at the Ocean Mecca Motel? I am booked there for August and I realize it is an older motel, but looks very clean and well kept. Am I right???

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    One of the great things about this forum (versus some of the other social media groups) is that you can search for historical posts. So if someone posted something about the Ocean Mecca in 2007 you can still find it here in the forums. Just use the search feature on the forums home page.

    I'm not meaning to be "that guy" that comes across as a "did you google it" guy, but rather just pointing out what I find a hand feature on here.

    Btw, the couple of older posts seem to say good things about the Ocean Mecca.

    Enjoy your forum and your upcoming stay.


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      Never stayed there and not really familiar with it, but two of the most recent reviews I could find of it each gave it one star (Trip Advisor and Yelp). One thing I can say about Ocean City when it comes to hotels. You get what you pay for. Two reviews wouldn't be enough to make me change my reservations. You'll find that with nearly every hotel anywhere. But you still have time to search and maybe find other options.
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        Thanks PghDave and Z06RL. I find mixed reviews when I look and that's why I asked here, hoping to get a recent review. I saw the TripAdvisor reviews and I think that some people on there are mad about something and just magnify it and give it a bad review, like the one review they were mad because they weren't allowed to have someone not staying there to swim. We were looking at other hotels/motels on the boardwalk with a pool, clean rooms and reasonable rates. We like the little mom and pop older motels as much as we like the bigger hotels, I'm not changing my reservation, but will review it after I return home.


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          It's owned by the same couple who owns Fish Tales.


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            Just an update about my stay at the Ocean Mecca Motel. We got there at 1:30 and they allowed us to check in early. The room was clean, the beds were comfortable, even the sofa sleeper, and the staff were friendly and accommodating. The pool area was clean and not crowded and was nice that it was right up along side the boardwalk. You could sit by the pool and feel like you were on the beach!! We had a problem the last night there when a family checked in to the room above us at midnight and were jumping around and running and making a lot of noise, so much it woke us up. After about 45 minutes I called the front desk and they notified the people of complaints and it stopped. This was not the fault of the motel, but of the rude people upstairs. I was just happy that they were willing to do that for us. We may stay there again next year for our girl's trip!


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              I've never heard anything bad about Ocean Mecca. I walk by there all the time and it seems to be well managed, clean pool etc. Has been there a long time. My best friend from college used to stay there with his family annually when they were kids. They always stayed at the OM, so they must have also been happy way back when. My friend and his brother had an off-color goofy nickname for the place, which I won't share with you.

              Nice that one phone call stopped the noise. I guess that's one advantage of staying in a motel. The people above us rent their place out once in a while and at least once a year, we hear a lot of bouncing around. Guess we could call the rental company, but we just grin and bear it.
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