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  • Spinnaker

    Can anyone tell me if all of the Spinnaker rooms are the same? Reading their website they mention the following: "We provide the luxuries of an apartment at prices comparable to, or below, motel rates." My family plans on going to the beach on Sept.2 - Sept. 5.... and staying at the Spinnaker.

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    I stayed at the Spinnaker a few years ago. I thought it was nice, but nothing fancy. All the rooms are efficiencies and set up the same. There are two buildings. I think that the where the office is located is nicer (I think it's the south building). Don't be fooled by the ad, these are not "luxurious" rooms. They are modest motel efficiencies at best. They are clean and roomy. It looks as though they have been making improvements to the exterior and the interior as well. I do think that they are a bit overpriced, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. They have a nice pool area with pool bar, and a very good coffee shop on the ground floor.


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      Thanks for the information. I am going down Sept.2nd so the prices are not so much a factor. I will make sure I am in one of the South Tower rooms.


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        How was it

        We will be staying here a week from now. How was your stay?