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    We're going to OC for Winterfest this year. Because of the season, one of the biggest criteria for this trip is who has the nicest (Warm and very clean) indoor pool. I have a 5 year old who can't wait to get back in the pool but I'm funny about it having to be really clean and many indoor pools in OC just aren't. Opinions?

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    The Ocean City chamber of commerce has "The Ocean City Visitors Guide" which may be obtained by calling them at 1-800-oc ocean. This would be a great place to start as they list every hotel in town and what thier ammenities are in a grid that is easy to use.

    Personally, since I live here I've not been in many of the other places pools. I would think that the brand new holiday inn express between 17th and 18th street on the boardwalk would have a nice pool, since it's new. Every pool in town should meet the minimum MD heath dept. standards. The chemicals should be checked 3 times a day and the pool itself must be free of algae and the water must be clear enough to see the main drain at the bottom of the deep end. Every property with a pool is required to have a "certified pool operator" whose responsiblity is to ensure a safe and clean swimming area. I should know, I am one.


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      pool cleanliness

      I'll do some checking on the new Holiday Inn -- thanks. We expected the Grand, since its new, to have a good one but it is already not being maintained well. When you enter the pool room the chlorine odor is so harsh it literally burns your eyes -- and a strong chlorine smell means the pool needs to be shocked.

      Although I love OC, so many of the indoor pools I've visited are just too cloudy for my taste and many of the indoor pool rooms are too damp/musty with cloudy standing puddles all over the floors.

      Which pool do you handle?


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        OCMAN...After reading your post I felt the need to reply. I have owned a townhouse in OC for the past 13 years, we have a pool in our group of houses. There are Health dept rules/laws for keeping pools clean and logs that need to be maintained. I'm sure you don't do this but I know for a fact that the logs are sometimes noted that the pool was checked when in fact it wasn't. During the summer it gets very busy and the pool guy may miss one of his checks but brings it up to date on the next inspection. Just hope the Health inspector doesn't show up before the log is brought up to date.