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Family Vacation - Where to Stay?

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  • Family Vacation - Where to Stay?

    My husband and I and 2 children (ages 8 & 5) are looking into a family vacation in Ocean City for next July. For the past 5 years, we have vacationed in the Outer Banks, renting a cottage steps away from the beach.

    So, we'd like to stay very close to the beach, but where it's not loud. We also need to have a kitchen so we are not eating every meal out.

    Any suggestions? We'd like to rent a house (do they have these rentals?) or apartment/condo, and it must be clean. Thanks for any help!!

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    Rental search

    Dear Vacation 2005

    As far as a single family home beachfront for rent to the best of my knowledge there are few if any such units.

    In my opinion your best bet would be a condo rental maybe at the northern end of town. is the web site for Caldwell Banker in OC

    perhaps they might be of help.

    Moore Warfield and Glick

    and several other realtors might be your best source of options.

    Perhaps some of the other forum users who have rented might be able to guide you to a realtor with whom they have had good luck and happy with the property.

    Good luck


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      Some rental information

      This might help you find some rental agencies.

      Good luck.


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        What street #s are on the North end? Thanks!


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          We've been staying at the same condo for the last 10 years - mid town. The area is very quiet, kid friendly, and CLEAN BEACHES ! When you get to the upper areas around 100th st and above, you're into the high rise congested areas. The beach isn't as clean there and there is more traffic, etc. I have dealt with Holiday Real Estate every year and they are extremely helpful finding a condo. You can look on line at their website for a place - with pictures and condo ratings. Mid town actually runs from about 50th st to 100th st. Lots of condo's available. Almost all are nice and there are some newer ones. If you need help let me know.
          Ask an OC Insider


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            More opinions from Olive hope this helps

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            High Point South


            We stayed at the High Pont South this year and I believe we will be next year too. We rented a very nice efficiency unit on the 9th floor and we couldn't have been more pleased with the view, the pool, the unit and the location. High Point South is on 112-113th street, oceanfront and right across the street from a mall that will serve all of your vacation needs. We rented through Holiday Real Estate and they were great.


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              OC vacation


              The above is a site with a map of the OC area.

              Perhaps it might give you a simple idea of the layout in the area.

              As a first time visitor it might be helpful to let us know what it is you are looking for. What activities you might be interested in and perhpas the type
              of accomodations you are used to.

              As suggested the OC area offers every level of accomodations. From hotel
              rooms to rental units.

              Most in not all of the rental units are in condos. The northern end of town
              is known in one area as "condo row" a stretch of high rise condos located
              ocean front. In the 120s street wise.

              The area is just 3-4 blocks wide with the ocean on one side and the bay on the other side each offers pros to their location.

              North to south you run from the inlet at the soutern most end north to
              145 street at the northern end.

              One of the main attractions is the Broadwalk located at the southern most end at the inlet up to 26th stree along the ocean front.

              The southern end is the busier part of this Broadwalk.

              Good luck looking around and if you have any questions those using this forum for the most part are helpful and knowledgable.

              Any questions just ask.

              Good luck.


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                You have your work cut out of you



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                  More vacation information


                  Hope this helps with your plans.

                  Need more let us know.


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                    There are plenty of places on Costal Highway that are right there on the water. As a matter of fact the best place to go is Century One.


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                      You could try

                      Port-N-Starboard Apartments- Know the owners and they are real nice people and so are the units


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                        We booked our condo this year in the Highpoint South again 112th-113th Street. We stayed there last year and were very pleased. And the beaches in that area are by no means dirty. And as for it being congested because of the high rises, It is a lot less hectic in that area than it is closer to the boardwalk and I didn't find it any more crowded on that beach than when we used to stay on 24th Street. Very clean building, very clean unit, very clean beach. You'll be pleased.


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                          Try This

                 This is a good place to stay close to the boardwalk yet in very quite neighborhood


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                            We just booked a Condo at Club Ocean Villas II on 120th Street.
                            I found the rental listing at
                            Has anyone ever stayed bayside at Club Ocean Villas II ?? Any info would be appreciated as this is our first trip to Ocean City. Thanks!


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                              Re: Family Vacation - Where to Stay?

                              has anyone stayed at the 10 th st apartments