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Most popular hotels in Ocean City?

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  • Most popular hotels in Ocean City?

    Or, the most-searched, anyway.

    I used a search analytics software to find out what the top-searched hotels in Ocean City are, and compiled a list of them in the post attached.

    (I didn't order them specifically on the post, but in order based on one search term, they are The Carousel, The Grand, Castle in the Sand, Dunes Manor, Crystal Beach, Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Flamingo Motel, Hilton Hotel, Francis Scott Key.)

    Just wondering what you all thought. I can think of a few good hotels that didn't make the list, or come very close... As I said in the article, maybe I'll somehow try to figure out what the LEAST searched hotels in OC are and give them some love.

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    MOST people search hotels based on word of mouth and Ocean City websites. There are some really good hotels in OC that people never heard of, or are so new that they don't get any interest. I don't put much stock in stuff like analytic analysis. Too many variables.
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      One motel that we like that doesn't get a lot of attention is the Talbot Inn. It's right at a marina, which makes for nice scenery, some decent restaurants, Marina Deck, Angler, MR Ducks. It's very clean, the staff is nice. Not as expensive as the big name motel/hotel places. We don't care for the big chain types, not very friendly. And we don't pay a lot of attention to reviews as we've read too many articles about people being hired to write good reviews for businesses. And, I figure if they're hiring people to write good reviews about themselves, there are some out there who hire people to write bad reviews about their competition.