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  • Need to hear about new places to eat

    Hi - been going to OC for over 20 years, I have never been to Fish Tails or Coins, anybody gone there before? Paul Revere - gross - use to be nice when it first opened in the 80's. I have been to Halls and Horizons and the place all the way at the end of the boardwalk, can't remember the name, very pricey - it was pretty good, but not great. Any suggestions???

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    Hi OCBABY!

    A few years back, one of the local's recommended Coins, we've been going there ever since. Good honest overspiced coverup's. My family and I enjoy the friendly waitstaff and the pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend this place to everyone.
    Bon Apatite!



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      Thank you so much for the reply, I will defintely check it out when I go in July.


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        Corn Beef Palace

        The Coins restaurant in the shopping center on 28th Street is for sale and could change uses or owners shortly.


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          Coins the Restaurant is not on the market..........

          Just to make things clear Coins is located at 28th and the Coastal Highway.

          In the same strip mall there is a deli/sandwich shop owed by the same owners as the restaurant. Also has Coins in the name.

          The deli/sandwich shop is for sale NOT the restaurant.

          I had dinner at Coins on 3/10 and as always the food was good, the staff friendly and the place gets crowded. This is not a fancy place, with wonderful views just a good meal at fair prices.

          Hope this sets things straight.


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            I have never been to Coins, but after reading these posts would like to try it this summer. What would you recommend to a first-timer for dinner.?


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              If you like seafood try the steamed shrimp for a starter and the crabcakes for a main course.

              Or you could try the same for lunch.

              They have specials for early dinners and this might get you there when the crowd isn't as big.

              They expanded this place afew years ago and now looks like they are getting to big even with the added room.

              Steady bar crowd with a mix of locals and vacationers always friendly group and good food.



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                Thank you, NY-MD, for the suggestions. Crabcakes happen to be one of my favorites, and my husband really enjoys shrimp of any kind.


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                  We've eaten at Fish Tales a couple times. It's good food, nothin' fancy. It's really upscale bar food, which is good because it's a bar basically. Nice to tie up if you're coming in by boat, just make sure you bring your own dock line, cause they don't supply any for the transient slips.

                  Marlin Moon Grille in the Francis Scott Key Hotel on Rt. 50 is an awesome place for dinne. If you look at their menu on their website, you might think ok, nice menu. But they have a list of daily specials on appetizers and meals a mile long. Best food we've every had in OC. Started going there when it was above the old Marlin Club. never had a bad meal yet.


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                    Coins, etc

                    Coins changed hands last year, however we were just there and the food is still the same. Good crab cakes. Also, try West Ocean City, there are a lot of good restaurants there. Captains Galley, Crab Alley, Sunset Grill.


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                      Bull on the Beach

                      Our favorite restaurant is Bull on the Beach. The two full-service restaurants have a large menu, and the staff is always so nice! I personally love the nachos, crabcakes, and seafood chowder. My boyfriend is addicted to the open-pit beef sandwiches. And the route 50 restaurant has one of the best burgers you'll ever eat.

                      Here's the website:

                      Our other favorite is Nick's Original House of Ribs, but it can get expensive and always packed, so we only go there for special occassions. But the ribs are absolutely worth it!!

                      Now I'm hungry...


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                        Those are 2 of our favorites too. I am so hungry for an open pit beef sandwich right now!! We also like La Hacienda on 80th St. for Mexican food.


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                          Five more weeks........Cruise In.........crab legs........Fisher's..........ocean........happine ss.
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                            I agree that Nick's is absolutely great, it is our favorite place of all in OC, and La Hacienda is also a good bet. I would like to add the following:

                            Big Peckers for the biggest and best burgers around (and don't forget the crab dip),

                            Bayside Skillet for the biggest and best-tasting breakfast ever. Everything there is delicious.


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                              I see they are opening a Ruth Criss Steak House around 115th St. If you want a truly great steak, try them, although, they are very expensive, but well worth it.