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    By far my favorite place to eat when in Ocean City. It's a little shack located on St Martins Neck road just over the Rt 90 bridge. Revolving menu and the definition of eclectic.

    They have a smokehouse out back and just added a new wine menu. Not for the snobby Galaxy types however. Just great food and fun service.



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    All right, now you've let the cat out of the bag. This is one of the area's best kept secrets. The funny thing about this place is its looks can be deceiving. The first time I went there my friends laughed when they saw the look on my face when we pulled in the parking lot. Shabby little building and the inside is not decorated like your typical restaurant. Mis-matched china, plastic chairs and tables, and "best of all" serve yourself beer and soda cooler.(You can actually ask and they will get it for you but it would take away from the experience). After going there several times the owners, who also wait on you, remember us and are always very pleasant to chat with. There is no permanent menu and they tell you the entrees they have available for that particular day which always includes gourmet seafood which is their specialty. Let me just say the food is the absolute best I've ever had in the OC area. Everything is fresh and unique in its ingredients. They get their desserts from a lady down the road and if you still have room left after dinner make sure you try one of the cakes or pies. My friends and I still laugh everytime we go because the food, the service, and warm hospitality you get in this dreary looking little shack is truly amazing. The food is a little pricey but not much more or about the same as any upscale place in OC. But you definately get your money's worth here. If you go and stuffed rockfish with remmick sauce is on the menu for the night take my reccomendation and order it.

    Oh yeah, you need to call well in advance to get a table as they are small(approximately 6-7 tables) and word of their quality has really spread over the years.


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      Originally posted by ravenman
      Oh yeah, you need to call well in advance to get a table as they are small(approximately 6-7 tables)

      Whoa, that is small. Sound great, though. Thanks for the tip. We'll definitely be checking it out!


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        The Grove Market

        We just tried the Grove a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. We already made the reservations for our vacation week. Best food I have had down there so far.


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          Grove Market was the best meal I've ever had at the beach, but very pricey with small portions--dinner for two last year was $130 without serious drinking, and I left hungry. In short, not worth the money. Cash only.


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            Is this place for real

            I keep expecting someone to say- Just kidding...

            I've never heard of it- but I guess not many people have yet. I will have to check it out- but I'm surprised that they charge upscale prices if they are serving you on plastic chairs, and mismatched settings- and if they only have 6 or 7 tables, it would seem hard to make their money (but I guess that's why they need to charge a little more).

            Is there any view in the area?


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              Ummm, yeah there's a view....a trailer park and woods.


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                I have eaten there 30 times at least. I weigh almost 300 Lbs. I have never left hungry. The food is right in line with most upscale cuisine in the area price wise.

                It's just not everyones cup of tea......

                Apps: $8-15

                Entrees: $20-35

                Wine $20-40 Bottles (Reisling which I like)

                I usually get a bunch of apps and let people try it.



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                  I agree with you OCJAY about the prices being in line with most upscale places in OC. Also I've never left hungry either. Leslie and the Grove staff are very friendly and really make you feel welcome when you dine there. For anybody who is looking for excellent food outside of the standard menu you find in most restaurants in OC give the Grove a try.


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                    The prices are so high because the food is just THAT good.


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                      I've never eaten at The Grove Market, but from what I'm reading the prices don't seem out of line at all - $20 - $35 entrees. That's pretty much what I was paying at The Captains Table 2 years ago. The last time we went to the Hobbit our bill came to $250.00 (mind you there is 7 of us). Even your buffets are going to run you almost 30 bucks a person. So call me crazy but it seems like they are charging the going rate. Unfortunately for me, after talking to the owner on the phone, she advised me that taking my family here would not be the best of ideas, I decided not to make resevations for our vacation which is coming up in 8 days. But, someday I will be able to be kiddless in the future, and when that day comes I look forward to giving this place a try.


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                        DeanM - We also have 8 days until our OC vacation! We are getting really excited to hit the road next week. I really hope that the Captains Table is ready next year, we really missed it last year. Last year we tried Nick's in its place, which was good, but it was no Captains Table. I believe that this year we are going to try Harrison's Harborwatch.


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                          DeanM--why wouldn't it be the best of ideas to take your family there?


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                            Nlfissle, I agree, I was hoping The Captains table would have been ready THIS year. I've eaten at Harrisons but it was probably 7 years ago, I wasn't overly happy with it but my wife liked it just fine...

                            JustBeachy, When I spoke with her on the phone she said that they do not offer a childrens menu, and that they have a very sophisticated menu. This would not be a problem for my other kids, but the little one will just be turning 3 while we are down OC next week. He's normaly pretty good as far as eating out goes, but he's pretty much locked into chicken fingers and fries, or a hotdog or something on that order... She came right out and told me to find a baby sitter, leave the kids, and make it a night for just my wife and I.... I can respect this...