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O.K everyone...lets have some fun !!!

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  • O.K everyone...lets have some fun !!!

    Here we go...lets all take a vote...We will be going to O.C for our traditional week vacation and would like to get all of your opinions !!!
    Lets take a vote for our favorite restaurants...breakfast,lunch,and dinner

    My votes:
    3)Steaks=Coins-(used to be Melvins,but sadly they have closed)
    4)Crabs=Bahama Mamas-(we usually do not buy any in O.C cause the first day I stop at a friends on the Wye river and get a "real"bushel of Jumbo's)
    5)Breakfast=(we used to like Weitzel's,but again sadly they have closed)
    6)Lunch= (we usually do not eat out for lunch we stay in a condo and have lunch around the pool)
    7)Drinks=(last,but not least what about Happy Hours)
    also wanted to mention a great place in Delaware=Serendipity's
    Come on on these will be fun and it may help alot of people from being disappointed and having some great dining experiences in O.C.

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    Here are my votes (I have tailored my categories, as I typically do not eat Italian, Ribs, etc. when I go to Ocean City):

    1. AYCE Crab Feast - Hooper's Crab House
    2. Breakfast - Phillips by the Sea or the Victorian Room Restaurant
    3. Lunch - Shenanigan's Irish Pub (also a very good casual dinner destination - great sandwiches and I never order appetizers anywhere, except for here - the pizza fries are a must)
    4. Drinks - My wife & I do not drink much, but we like to go to Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill at the Castle in the Sand. It is right beside the condo we rent and a very nice and relaxed outdoor setting, no crazy drunk types here.
    5. Carry-out sandwiches/subs/platters - Belly Busters (we usually order from here several nights during our week in OC and have done so for over a decade)
    6. Nice seafood dinner out: The Captains Table (unfortunately underwent demolition last year and still in reconstruction mode this summer)


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      OK, here are my favorites:
      1. Breakfast-Satellite Coffee Shop
      2. Lunch-Bull on the Beach or Croc's (great specials)
      3. Steaks/Ribs-Nick's
      4. Italian-Antipasti's
      5. Mexican-LaHacienda
      6. Subs/Sandwiches-Tommy's
      7. Drinks/Entertainment-Seacrets


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        My favorites:

        1. Italian-Antipasti's
        2. Mexican-Tequila Mockingbird
        3. Subs/Sandwiches-Belly Buster's
        4. Burgers/Dogs-Alaska Stand
        5. Cheesesteak-Buxy's Salty Dog Saloon
        6. Eclectic-Galaxy 66
        7. Trendy-Liquid Assests
        8. Romantic-Lighthouse Sound Restaurant
        9. Intimate-Grove Market
        10. Crabs-Bahama Mama's
        11. Dockside-Sunset Grille/Teaser's
        12. Drinks/Entertainment-Seacrets
        13. Sunsets-Fager's Island
        14. Take-out Pizza/Wings-Pino's
        15. Brick Oven Pizza-Mancini's
        16. Martini's-Jive
        17. Boardwalk-Shenanigan's
        18. Bayside-BJ's
        19. Seafood-Captain's Galley II
        20. Kid friendly-Fish Tales
        21. Beachfront Bar-Coconut's
        22. Poolside Bar-Holiday Inn Pool Bar
        23. Icecream-Maggie Moo's
        24. Open-air Bar-M.R. Ducks

        Am I forgetting something???


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          Thanks nlfissel,JustBeachy,mink66,but still need VOTES

          Come on everyone ...lets hear from you...tell us your favorite dining places !!!


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            i'll chime in a little bit ---
            cheesesteaks--- tommy's
            late night ---- tubby's (obviously)
            happy hour --- bull on the beach &
            smitty mcgees
            daytime drinking spot -- m.r. ducks
            dive bar --- can't remember the name , but chip was the bartender
            golf course --- lighthouse sound
            cold cuts -- anthony's beer wine & deli
            finer dining--- was the hobbit


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              breakfast -- Kathy's Olympia Kitchen and Crabcake Factory
              Lunch - Shenanigan's (Fish & Chips), Alaska Stand, Anthony's on 16th
              Bar Food -- Smitty McGee's, Kirby's Pub
              Mexican -- Tequila Mockingbird
              Outside Bars -- MR Ducks, Rio Grand Pool Bar, Hannah's, Fish Tales, Harborside, Starboard
              Pizza -- Pizza Tugos


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                breakfast: Bayside skillet
                Ice Cream: Dummsers
                Drinks: Coconuts/castle in the sand
                Sandwiches: Anthonys
                AYCE: Hoopers
                Dinner: Crab Alley
                Happy Hour: Green turtle
                Best restaurant to take a drive to: Crabby Discks in Delaware


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                  Breakfast: Jimmys Fenwick
                  Lunch: Sunset Grille & Teazers
                  Dinner: Crabcake Factory, Liquid Assets
                  Pit Beef: Bull 94th
                  Bar Food: Harborside
                  Happy Hour: Crabcake Factory ($3.99 1/2 Lb Shrimp) Smittys, MR Ducks
                  Dance: Seacrets Marley Hall
                  Lat Nite Food: BJ's till 1:30 Full Menu (smoky though)
                  Non Smoking: Crabcake Factory, Blue Ox, Liquid Assets
                  Dock and Dine: Sharks Cove, Fishtales
                  Kids: Fishtales or Boardwalk
                  Crabs: Best Crabs
                  Pines: Taylors Blackened Tuna, Whiskers Burgers, Southside Deli
                  Pizza: I like Ponzettis and Lombardis
                  Ice Cream: New Creamery around 135th st.
                  Entertainment: Harborside, Seacrets
                  Donuts: Fractured Prune

                  All time Favorites: Grove Market, Marlin Moon, Crabcake Factory USA, Smokers Pit BBQ Place on 611 West OC.


                  New Favorite Sushi Bar.....Sakura West OC...Try the Dynamite Rolls!!


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                    Guess I'll throw my 2 cents in...

                    breakfast -- Layton's (dougnuts)
                    lunch -- Brass balls
                    sandwiches -- Fish Tales
                    buffet -- Bon Fire
                    Pizza -- Franco's
                    ice cream -- Kelly's
                    drinks -- Bahama Mama's (frozen drinks served in a coconut)
                    dinner -- My 2 favorites (Captains Table & The Hobbit) are no longer there so I'll have to get back to you on this one....


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                      In my humble opinion.....

                      Breakfast - Bayside Skillet
                      Lunch - Mad Hatter
                      Ribs - Nick Idoni
                      upscale - Hobbit
                      Burgers - Big Pecker's
                      Seafood - Captains Galley II
                      Sunsets - Fager's Island
                      Ice Cream - Cold Stone Creamery (I am addicted to this place!!!)
                      Restaurant I used to love, but is now buffet so I hardly ever go - The Wharf
                      If I had to go to an AYCE - Hooper's
                      Mexican - La Hacienda
                      French Fries - Thrasher's
                      Caramel Popcorn - Fisher's (Fenwick Boardwalk location only)