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    What are the best restaurants for Italian food and Prime Rim/Steaks?

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    Little Italy on the Shore

    Our absolute favorite Italian place in OC is Little Italy on the Shore. It's located at 215 South Baltimore Avenue (a couple blocks away from the boards.) EVERYTHING is prepared specifically for you, not made in advance like many others. The chef even makes a point to greet each table and the food is wonderful. I would definitely recommend it. Prices are resonable and portions are big. If you can get a Ocean City Family Discount Coupon Book, there's a buy one, get one entree coupon in it! Great deal... Search in Google and follow links if you want to find one. Hope you enjoy your trip...


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      Yess Eat at Phillips on eh 19 street i believe yes they have theee best seafood and crabs money can buy =[] yesss you should reallly check it out !!