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    Hello, in the beginning of August my family will be going on our yearly trip to OC, and I was wondering if anyone had any best kept secrets or personly favorites to go to. Places we've eaten at: Fager's, Seacrets, Ocean Club (when it was on 48th street), Bahama Mamas, Galaxy, J.R's for ribs, Phillips, Satellites. Our condo is in mid town (45th street) and I just want to experience something different and new this year! Thanks!

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    Couple Places

    Nick's Sports Bar (for ribs)
    Little Italy on the Shore (for italian)
    Bayside Skillet (for breakfast)
    Harrison's Harbor Watch (for seafood)

    These are my favorites and I NEVER miss them during my yearly trip. Give them a try, you won't be sorry.


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      Two comments

      Somewhere else in this forum, someone posted about two Italian restaurants not to be missed. We went last week and checked one out, I think it's called Ristorante Antipasti, on 31st or 33rd, near Jolly Roger. If you go there you will thank the persons who recommended it. Everything was out-of-this-world great and authentic. Having been to Italy five times and being an Italian Food snob, I promise you it is the real thing like nothing we normally get in the US. The clams with white sauce and linguine is HEAVEN.

      I also go to Harrison's Harbor Watch every year and it has been our main standby. We were disappointed for the first time with the food this time. It might be because every meal we compared to the place above.

      We already made reservations for our July trip at Antipasti.


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        Booty's on 28th street is new...

        Pirate themed restaurant, I thought the food was bangin'...

        good for dinner, good with kids, has DJ late night on weekends

        real cool spot, i think it will be one of the next cool spots to go, love the colors and the atmoshere,,

        bartenders are friendly and service is good...

        oh yea.. they have buy one get one early bird


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          For breakfast hit up either (or both) Happy Jack's and Little House of Pancakes. Great food and service at both places.


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            Best breakfast anywhere is the BaySide Skillet HANDS DOWN! I have been eating there for years. Plus about two years ago they remodeled their street side section.

            Okay, I am addicted to Carrabas. Its an Italian resturant in west ocean city, a franchise chain that hasn't gotten too commercial yet. the food is TO DIE FOR. you'll love anything you order.

            Marina Deck (downtown inlet bayside) is a great place to eat (if you are willing to spend the money), everything is rich in flavor and texture. Plus, if you eat outside you can watch the sunset and listen in on the music coming from the MR Duck bar right next door. PLUS its super kids friendly, with a whole play section you can send the kids off to while you are waiting for food (or when they've finished early and you havent!!).

            Otherwise Tubby's is great for late nite delivery (till 4am) of subs, sandwiches, fries and such.

            Take it from a local... that's good eatin!!


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              The wife and I are addicted to Carraba's too! We live in Ocean Pines, but have been to Carraba's at least 20 or more times now. We have a problem...I know...


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                mink 66,

                There should be a support group for people like us. I mean food should not taste THAT good. FYI, the steamed mussels on the appetizer menu are wonderful. I am not a seafood eater but my boyfriend is, and I LOVE dunking the warm table bread in the sauce.... okay yup, definally addicted to Carrabas.

                OH not to mention they are incredible on service. I usually request an ice tea with no lemon (but rarely does the waitress/watier remember). The waitress delivered with lemon then insisted on taking it back. I didnt think much of it, but then the manager came over and was extremely apologetic. All over a little slice of lemon. That situation alone keeps me going back.


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                  We've been going to OC for a LONG time....and over the years I've migrated to a few of the places in West OC....and I haven't been disappointed at all.

                  There are lots of places for seafood.....Try Hoopers (atmosphere is great...crabs are too)....Captain's Galley II (same as Hoopers...and their additional menu is pretty good too).....and Watermans (it is a typical restaurant setting, but I've NEVER had bad crabs there).

                  Silly Jeff is right....Restoranti Antipasti (sorry for the butcher of the spelling) is fantastic. HIGHLY recommend (not on West OC itself)

                  Those are some to get you started....enjoy.