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  • BBQ Pork Ribs

    Just finished dinner and here's a little inside information.
    Out on Route 54 there's a new supermarket by the name of Harris Teeter.Every Saturday they have large pre-cooked racks of pork ribs on sale at $6.95 a rack.
    They're fantastic and two or three racks could fed a family of 4.
    Let's see that's about $21.00 versus 60 bucks or so at Nicks or BJ.

    Just a heads up to all you families coming down hear
    Beware of the Carona Cat !!!

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    That's good to know. Big ribs fan here. I'll try to remember that the next time I'm there.


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      Dumb question, but where is route 54 since I'm not a local? Directions please, cause that sounds great!
      Ask an OC Insider


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        North OC into Fenwick Island.
        Make a Left at the light,Viking Minature golf,that's Rt 54.
        Keeping going out 54 past Smitty Magees,about 2 more miles.
        Big Supermarket on your left.
        Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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          Baby Back or regular ribs?

          Which one do they have? Are they plain or do they come with sauce already on them? Meaty/fatty? Local or shipped in?


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            Sauce on them.Reheat in microwave.
            $7.00 ribs,I'm not a restaurant critic for goodness sake.
            Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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              Inquiring minds...

              ...want to know these things! I'm half tempted to drive on down on Monday to rustle up some ribs for dinner or I may just find a place on the beach and eat them on the spot!!

              Safeway had these ribs prepackaged for about $8 and they looked great but they were smothered in this gooey sauce that killed the ribs.

              Sorry for the third degree!


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                Speaking of ribs...

                ..I've been to two Dutch markets and they sell baby back and regular ribs at $6.99 a pound for the bb. You put on your own sauce if you want to. Or you take them home and put on your own marinade. I had two good size racks (talking ribs here) and it cost me about $16.00. Compare at $30 (or more) at any rib place.

                Yea, yea it has nothing to do with OC but I wanted the rib lovers out there to check out the local Dutch market if there's one in your area.


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                  Damn........didn't realize it was going
                  to be this complcated.
                  Why don't you all stay home and eat your own ribs.

                  You all deserve to be raked over the coals in an area dedicated to tourism.
                  Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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                    Harris Teeter ROCKS! I first got turned on to them in NC. We did visit the new one on 54. Good stuff.


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                      My parents really like Harris Teeter as well. Its just around the corner for them.

                      I hear there is a Food Lion that is to be built on Rt. 54 as well as a Giant. Also I hear that another Harris Teeter is to be buit in Ocean View.


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                        There is a Giant & Food Lion up the road from Hockers on RT 24 and a Harris Teeter is going to be built in that area soon.It's great to have all these new stores within driving distance of OC. It's a viable options to the overpriced stores on Coastal Hwy.
                        We never seriously shop in OC.
                        Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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                          Thanks Bob

                          Great thread Bob.

                          Thank you for once again giving all of us another inside track on OC!

                          We will deffinetly check this place out.