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07/24 to 08/04 Dining Report

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  • 07/24 to 08/04 Dining Report

    I'll leave out all the burned burgers and chicken legs at the camper. First night out to OC had us at Dough Roller. Love the place but had to laugh as my wife held her slice of pizza up off of the plate for a few minutes while the grease and oil dripped off. Still good and excellent service. We also went back to the Brass Balls later that week. Not very impressed this time. Services was not that great and food was just OK. Had the burger, wife had the chicken wrap. On our Trimpers Sunday, we decided to try something new for us. Ate at "The Kitchen" just up from the inlet. Most of us had the French Toast which was really good. Son had a ham / cheese omlet and also enjoyed it. Service was real good and not too over priced. That evening we ventured out of OC and back to the West Side. Since we had our (s.i.f.m). That's Self Invited Family Members along in the form of my ever griping and whining in-laws, we decided to skip our usual Boardwalk trip to Shenanigans. We ended up at Pizza Tugos over on 50 and 611. I was not impressed. The place is nice, pizza was average but the server really worked hard. One word of warning... If you find yourself in the men's room using the urinal, don't be surprised if the door opens and you turn to see several tables of guests looking into the bathroom. Not very well laid out.

    Crab Alley with the entire family. Dinner for eight included 4 ayce #1's. Feast for 2 and some assorted appetizers to keep the kids quiet. Everything was just great, service even better. Total bill was $272+ for 8 people with tip, not bad for what we had. Went back to Crab Alley our last night, just the wife, 7 year old and myself. Wife and I split the 2 person feast (12 crabs, shrimp, corn and hush puppies). Dinner also came with soup. I had the creamed crab and I would go back just for that.

    My favorite new place this year was the Frog Bar at the inlet village. Wife and I went there Thursday afternoon. I had the "Butch Burger" which was a decent burger with bacon, onions, tomato, swiss cheese and ranch dressing. This was probably one of the best hamburgers I've had in a very long time. They also have some of the best onion rings around. Services was so so, we sort of felt like outsiders at first but things got better. I would definately venture back to the Frog Bar.

    Decatur Diner for breakfast and lunch sometime during that stay. No complaints there.

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    Re: 07/24 to 08/04 Dining Report

    Nice review, thanks for sharing.

    I am glad to hear positive review on The Kitchen, first I heard anything since some changes that took place there.

    The owner of Tugos visit the forums and maybe he will chime in, that is pretty awkward layout and not something I would want to see or been seen while eating pizza.

    Also glad to hear more positive reviews for the Frog Bar, I haven't really heard or read a bad review of the place. Glad they are doing well.


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      Re: 07/24 to 08/04 Dining Report

      The Crab Alley 2 person feast is definitely on the list for hubby & me to try, wish I were there right now. Thanks for sharing your reviews )