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  • 2012 Trip Report

    We had our 2012 Ocean City vacation from August 18th to August 25th at the plaza. My parents stopped overnight on the way down, and due to the advice of the members of this forum had a wonderful meal. I will allow my father to post about his experience himself. I do thank everyone for helping them.

    We once again had a fantastic multi generational vacation. I travel with my wife and three young daughters. We split a condo at the Plaza with my retired parents. We didn't get our usual unit in the Plaza this year as we booked the trip later than usual. This years unit was on the first floor, but we still had a nice view of the ocean and Pap pap could watch his grandchildren in the pool.

    The food was as it has always been for us one of the biggest parts of our trip and once again it didn't not disappoint. We have our list of go to places, but I always try to mix in new place or to that has been recommended or mentioned here. I wish I could spend two weeks in a row at the beach and hit everywhere, but I can't be away from the office that long.

    We went down on a Thursday the 16th and had lunch at Dead Freddie's. As I have said before we get appetizers and drinks and unwind while watching the kids play on the play set. The food is OK and with other places having play areas we probably will hit a new place next year. After lunch we hit the beach. We spent two nights at a friends beach home in Delaware before checking into the Plaza.

    Sat dinner at Galaxy 66. We really enjoy the scallop appetizer here. We were joined by an old school mate of mine and his family. Our group was a table of six adults and five children ages 3 to 9. Any smart servers nightmare. The folks at the Galaxy made it look easy.

    Sunday I took the wife and kids to Fagers island. This has turned into a yearly place for us. We seat upstairs and enjoy the view. The food and service are what you would expect at such a fine place. The highlight for me was the oysters. They were raw, they were salty and they were fresh. They also were the best of the week with Jules a close second. I don't want to hear any BS about out of season or whatever. Fagers has duck on the menu and I didn't see hunters either. I asked around and places get oysters from local aquaculture outfits. Any goggle search will lead to information regarding safety of eating oysters in summer months. If you don't want to eat them don't, it saves more for me. But don't spread BS. Rant over. Oh, the crabcakes, scallops and the view amazing as well.

    Monday we all went to Bahama mamma's on wicomico street. We have never had problems here like the problems folks have at the north location. I don't understand the relationship between the two places, but I am on alert every time we go. The Service and the crabs were once again everything we would expect. The raw oysters were the worst of the week. Horrible in every way possible. They were better suited to bear or catfish bait. The server, once informed offered to replace them with new oysters. We said no thanks and they were removed from the bill. I would suspect their whole supply was bad. The oysters were bad enough that the kitchen should never have served them.

    Tuesday was our day to try something new. We hit Just Hooked in Delaware. The place is similar to Jules but with a slightly better atmosphere. We enjoyed the appetizers of mussels, fried oysters, and if I remember shrimp. The mussels were very fresh and cooked perfectly. I usually don't eat mussels as to me they tend to be too strong of flavor and chewy. These were tender and succulent. As for the fried oysters I stand by my claim that the worst thing to do to an oyster is cook it. My dad loved them however. Everyones dinner was great.
    Wednesday was mommy and daddy night to go out sans children. Pap pap and Grandma went out early then brought back pizza from Lombardi's for the kids. Yes I had to have a piece. It was OK. I think part of the pizza problem with all the joints is a lack of consistency. Every place can make a decent one if they try. Well we walked to Liquid Assets and once again had a great time. Early in the week I walked over to buy wine and the place was packed to the gills. I am going to stop talking about the place now. I will only say great cheese+too much wine at a great price+great dinner specials+friendliest bartenders around=late day to the beach on Thursday.
    Thursday everyone traveled to west Ocean city and to the Captain's Galley. The inside is starting to look shabby to be generous. The food is still top notch. The crab cakes are some of the best of the week neck and neck with Fagers Island. The raw oysters were very good but third behind the wonderful oysters at Fagers and Jules. As I remember the Captain's Galley had the most reasonable price for the oysters. This is a go to place for us over the years and it didn't disappoint.

    Friday last dinner. After thinking of all the great meals we said screw the atmosphere the food is always great and went to Jules. The place is very nice inside. It is small. The bar is sort of cool. Its just not Ocean City beachy. In light of how good the food is I am starting to think screw the beachy theme and lets order. The oysters were the second best of the week. After Fagers I don't think any oysters could have been better. I had a seared ahi special topped with crab meat that was amazing. Everyone enjoyed the food. We ordered a coconut shrimp appetizer for the kids but they still ate too many of the oysters. I am looking forward to this place next year. Maybe just hang one or two of the old time board walk paintings.

    Saturday breakfast at Pirates Galley. My wife had the captain crunch French toast and enjoyed it. I had the crab benedict and thought highly of it. The kids loved the pancakes. Sort of a cool place inside.

    As far as activities we did the OC Rocket. We saw porpoises and looked at them for the appropriate length of time. We sat toward the front and didn't get wet. The kids loved it, we would do it again.

    We had a great week. The kids are getting old enough to remember year to year. The only real bad was of our trip was a visit to De Lazy Lizard after the boat ride. I don't want to include it here as it is rather negative. I will discuss it in a separate thread. Even still one bad lunch won't be remembered in a month.


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    Re: 2012 Trip Report

    Excellent review - it seems we have very similar tastes. You've reinforced that I've got to try Jules. I agree about Captains Galley - new carpet would go a long way to sprucing the pace up, but the food is consistently very good.


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      Re: 2012 Trip Report

      Another Great write up Brian!

      Sounds like you and your family had a great trip (minus the lizard). I'm with OCGuy on Jules, you and others on here make a compelling case to give it a try.