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Challenge: Your last meals in OC

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    Breakfast -- Bayside Skillet, because I look so good under the glow of pink umbrellas!
    Lunch -- BJ's for some seafood skins
    Dommer -- Coins, Going out with the crab cakes

    And on our way out of town ... a Dumsers Chocolate Malt.

    Come to think of it, I think this might be our last day from a few years ago when we knew we'd be away from OC for a while!!


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      Breakfast-Pirates Den Love their crab scramble breakfast.
      Lunch-Johnny's Ice cold beer and peel and eat shrimp.
      Dinner-Bon Fire I am going to eat so many crab legs that my husband will have to roll me out of there!
      On the way out of town, I am stopping at Candy Kitchen and getting a car load of candy. Dumsers for some ice cream.


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        It's harder to pick than I thought it would be for me
        Breakfast/Brunch: Harpoon Hanna's brunch (I hate getting up early)
        Lunch: Atlantic Stand with Fries from Thrashers
        Dinner: Shark
        Dessert: Dumsers Ice cream Cone on the Boardwalk (had to add that one)


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          Presenting my [I]weird twist[I] on the topic, each of my meal choices is for a different reason:

          Breakfast (purely selected because of food) - Fractured Prune. I'm a health nut and this is my only guilty pleasure I over-indulge in. I could eat a dozen in a sitting easily.
          Lunch (this one is based on atmosphere) - Seacrets. I love the environment and listening to the reggae music playing.
          Dinner (based on the view) - Harrison's Harbor Watch. Give me a table by the window and I will watch the boats come into the inlet from a long day fishing for hours.


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            Breakfast Bayside Skillet

            Lunch skip it to full from Breakfast, to much to do anyway

            Dinner BJ's


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              Breakfast - Pirates Galley
              Lunch - On the Bay
              Dinner - Sunset Grille


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                Ok this was really hard. We are fortunate and are down the beach alot. So I asked my husband and he couldn't pick just three. So here it goes.

                Breakfast - Dirty Harry's or Brass Balls on the Boardwalk (not big on breakfast)
                Lunch - Whisker's, Smitty's (Best Wings), Crab Bag, Ocean Side (Fenwick), Sunset Grill
                Dinner - Best Crabs (Carry Out Crabs), Jules, Just Hooked, Mia Fratello's, Catch 54 (Summer on Deck)

                Ok - so I just couldn't pick one!


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                  Last Meal

                  Breakfast - a dozen Fractured Prune donuts on the beach
                  Lunch - Seacrets - may not be the best food, but there's nothing like it within the upper Atlantic coast.
                  Dinner - has to be Sunset Grill. I get misty eyed just thinking about how awesome that place is and cant wait to hit it in June. SInce they've renovated the upper deck, it's just an amazing place to relax at.


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                    Breakfast would be Dough Roller, nothing fancy, coffee and a short commute there.
                    Lunch would be Fish Tales or DeLazy Lizard...Nothing like hanging out watching the boats go by and eating and drinking.
                    Diner would be a nice big fat burger from the Frog Bar or we get washed up for Dead Freddies.
                    Late night snack would be a stop at Mitchel's market for a cheese steak sub made fresh to order

                    repeat if necessary.


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                      My picks

                      There are so many great places to eat in Ocean City... I've only been a member on this forum for a few days but this site just makes me miss OC so much more than normal!

                      Breakfast- Layton's on 16th St. - The restaurant is family owned and the wait staiff are just great. The walls are covered in sea creatures in a lovely blue color. The portions are big!
                      **Second choice is TC Diner.

                      Lunch- Smokers BBQ Pit - This is some of the best BBQ you will ever have. The eating area is a screened in porch with picnic tables. Their crab soup is amazing with huge lumps of crab.
                      **We also stop at Grotto at some point on our Trip... sometimes we stop in Delaware( it's a half way point since we travel from Pennsylvania)

                      Dinner- The Bonfire - My fiance and I were in OC at the end of November and this was our last dinner for the trip. It's expensive but the crab legs, mussels and shrimp make it worth it.
                      **Close second is the Horizons at the Clarion Hotel. They don't have as many options but it's great to watch the waves crash along the shore line through the glass windows.

                      Dumsers is a must for a late night icecream or milkshake! The Sea Hawk was our choice of hotel for many years and we would just walk across the highway to get to the Dumsers on 124th.


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                        Breakfast- Laytons 16th
                        Lunch- Caruso's on the boards
                        Dinner- Hall's Buffet


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                          Breakfast: Satellite 46th St.
                          Lunch: Bull on the Beach 94th St.
                          Dinner: Sunset Grille, West OC


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                            Breakfast - General's Kitchen
                            Lunch - Crabcake Factory
                            Dinner - Sunset Grille


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                              Breakfast - Bayside Skillet
                              Lunch - Thrashers Fries by the pool
                              Dinner - Captain's Table (or Fager's if my wife had her way, which she probably would)