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    Forum members,

    I was made aware of a situation in which the Crabs To Go certificates purchased or given as Sand Dollar Rewards were not being honored by the business. I wanted to make sure everyone knew in case they had any unused certificates. If you do, please email and we will exchange the certificate or refund the amount of the purchase.

    I apologize this has happened. We entered into an agreement with Crabs To Go for certificates in exchange for advertising on our website. We are handling the issue on our end.

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    That is good to hear. On a side note, where on this website can we find a list as to what is available to redeem our sand dollars with?
    common sense is not so common


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      Crabs to Go? Never went there before, but I can guarantee I'll NEVER go there now, after hearing THIS....

      Really ticks me off when places pull these stunts - They entered into the agreement in good faith, the site kept up their end of the deal, now they want to stick it to everybody after they got out of it what they wanted. I've seen other places try this with certificates and it's a major turn off for me.


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        This was actually my issue. My aunt and uncle are kind enough to let us use their oceanfront condo every year, so we always give them money to pay for the utilities we use and also a few gifts because we appreciate it so much. This year we gave them a few gift cards and one of them (unfortunately) was for Crabs To Go. When they tried to use the card, the man behind the counter told them the card was counterfeit and he has worked there for 7 years and has never seen anything like that. After much heated discussion, my aunt and uncle left. The man then followed them out to their car asking for the card back and my phone number. They refused to give him either. Needless to say, when I heard what happened I was very embarrassed. I knew that the issue was not of any fault of this site, but an issue with Crabs To Go. When I contacted Angie she was very helpful (as always!) and offered me a solution to the problem right away. I want to thank her again for that.

        On a side note, I did hear that the seafood smell there was so strong that it was enough to cause a headache. That leads me to wonder how fresh that days menu was. Maybe the man behind the counter saved them from suffering from a case of the “Paul Reveres” and we should thank him! lol


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          Oh that would be awful & embarrassing. I would have been so upset, it makes it even worse that you gave them to someone else. Boo on Crabs To Go!!!


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            Originally posted by Seashell View Post
            This was actually my issue.
            Sheshell, I must say I'm rather appalled that you felt you needed to air this in the forum, I mean obviously Angela handled it - don't you feel that was good enough??? LOL Relax everybody I'm totally kidding (and she knows it )

            Seriously though this IS an appalling story to say the very least, and there is absolutely NO excuse for such unprofessional behavior... Nothing would have made me happier than to read that - what this joke of a manager didn't know, is that your uncle was actually a retired Navy SEAL, and he then proceeded to mop the parking lot up w/this dumbass!!! --- I give real money to watch THAT happen!


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              Well Dean,

              I wasn't going to share, Dean, but I was relentlessly peer pressured to do so by someone who will remain nameless, Dean!

              Seriously though, if they would have just refused to take it, it would have been a whole different story. The fact that they followed them out to their car put it on a whole new level. Plus I wanted to share about the great customer service here.