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  • Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli

    Just opened at 63rd & Coastal Highway. My wife and her Mother stopped by to get some real rye bread and pastrami. I am not a big pastrami fan but I must say this was EXCELLENT and the rye bread brought back memories of the rye bread I grew up our Polish household. They also got some liverwurst which I have not had for years; it too was very very good. The menu looks great...see attached (hopefully) link. It will be open year round so I know we'll be they iron out the opening wrinkles it will only get better I'm sure.

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    Thanks for the link, it's definitely on the must try list now


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      My wife and I stopped by today just to check it out as we had just had breakfast at the Sea Bay cafe. We were very impressed at the extensive menu and it is a true Jewish Deli. Only one I know in our area. The plated breakfast we saw looked excellent and the diners appeared quite pleased. We will definitely be back. The only downside is that seating inside is very limited. Most seating is outside with some under cover. I hope they do well enough to expand into a larger space.


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        We're staying on 63rd this year, so I know we'll be stopping here (but will walk down to a crosswalk to cross safely). My Dad has had celiac disease for 20 years, but I know this is one place he will definitely break his diet for.


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          I usually minimize my non seafood intake while in OC for vacation but I will definitely break that rule (it's not a hard and fast rule anyway) for a heaping help of Pastrami on a good rye!! I have a good deli drool going just thinking about it!