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    Just some more information for those that would like to know.

    As it turns out, the Owner of General's Kitchen did about $40,000 in renovations to the old location just last year, apparently the landlord who is friends with the chef who formerly owned coach's diner (now seabay cafe) saw this as a great opportunity to not renew the lease for General's Kitchen.

    Kind of a scummy business move if you ask me.

    Now Coach's will occupy the location that General's Kitchen had once occupied and General's Kitchen will be at the bottom of Galaxy 66.


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      J...I had heard the same thing which is why I will never patronize the new tenant there. I think GK's chipped beef is awesome as is there other breakfast items. I usually cook breakfast when I am down but if we go out it is always GK or Barn 34.


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        We paid a visit to GK mid-May. I think the food is a little bit better than at the old location; good eats all the same. The prices are still reasonable and there is definitely more room. Having said that, their was still a line to get in (about 11 AM). I think there were 5 or 6 parties ahead of us and the wait was 15-20 minutes. I'm wondering what is it going to be like peak summer. Also, you are right in the sun with nothing to shade it. Too bad the entrance couldn't be out back where at least there is shade in the morning and a good view of the bay.


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          How early do they open for breakfast?


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            They are open 6:30am - 1:30pm everyday except for Wednesdays, on which they are closed.


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              Thanks, OCMike.