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  • Abbey Burger Bistro

    My wife and I were in Ocean City this past weekend to see Winterfest of Lights. We were treated to great weather.

    After seeing the lights, we noticed a place called Abbey Burger Bistro right by Northside Park, so we checked it out.

    If you're a fan of burgers, this place is a must. They have a ton of specialty burgers, or you can build your own.

    We each had a burger, cooked to perfection. Granted, it was a little pricey, both of our burgers came to about $15 each due to the add-ons, but it was worth it.

    We also split an order of alligator bites to start, which were amazing.

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    I kind of put it in the same category as Red Robin. Pricey and overrated. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It's hit or miss with them.
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      While I agree that Abbey Burger is some what a "hit or miss" - I definitely would NOT put it in the same class as Red Robin. R.R.'s burgers are shipped into the their restaurants in the form of frozen patties. Abbey Burger is marketed as a gourmet burger restaurant, making all patties fresh to order. Trendy gourmet burger restaurants like this, with hand cut fries, & spiked milkshakes are all the rage these days, and nobody likes a good burger more than me...

      We first visited Abbey burger, right after they opened up in OC, and a number of times since - With this being said, I have to admit, that this restaurant has let me down as often as it has hit home runs with me... too the point where one more strike, and I'll probably write them off for good. The real shame of this is: I think that this place is CAPABLE of putting on a first class performance, however sometimes when you're sitting in here, it's all too obvious that there's a "who gives a sh*t" type of attitude lurking behind the scenes. Does it depend on which manager is on duty? I dunno... AND, guess what - I don't care WHY this happening (I'm not interested in digging this deep into the problem), all I know is, I hate apathy, and inconsistency, and I've experienced BOTH here on several occasions.

      Abbey might be top dog in OC, when their closest (burger) competition is a seasonal bar overlooking the inlet, on the complete opposite side of town, but if B.R.G.R. or Burgatory ever decide to open up on the eastern shore, this place will be in serious trouble.
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        For good burgers in OC, also check out Big Peckers and Brass Balls Salloon.

        We were actually set to go to Big Peckers the night we hit Abbey Burger, but we noticed they were closed when we drove by.


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          I second Big Peckers, in fact everything I have ordered there has been really good.


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            I have to agree with many of these comments. The only part about Abbey Burger that will let you down is the service. But it has an incredible beer selection, decent prices, and a pretty good menu.