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  • Tell me about the Marina Deck

    We visit Ocean City in September and have never been to this restaurant. I see they have a kids' play area -- we'll have a 1- and 4-year-old with us. The play area looks as if it might be "too old" for the younger kid, but wanted to know if they had anything besides the big gym.

    Two other questions...How's the food? And how easy is it to park/get in and out? My Mom has some mobility issues.

    I'm asking all of this now because Landmark Great Deals has a $15 for $30 deal going on and I am trying to figure out if I should buy it.


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    Been going there for about ten years. Love the food. If you sit at the bar, they have some cheap bar food (ie. sliders & fries for $6 or a half pound of steamed shrimp for $5).

    The regular menu is good too. Plus, you get some great views of the Bay. Some of the entrees are a little pricey, but they're on par with seafood entries around town, and the Landmarks certificates will help with that.

    Sorry, but I don't know much about the play area.


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      I've gotten that deal from Landmark's several times. We love it. You can dine in or out. The play area is fine for the 4 year old but it's not really for tiny ones. On their website it says that each kids meal includes 1 hour of play in their new play area. Parking is very easy and mom won't have any problems getting in or out.
      I'd pick up the Trimpers wrist band deal while it's available too. Trimper's rides on the boardwalk (indoor) are geared for the toddler crowd up to about age 7.
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        Marina Deck is great...i love the Deck upstairs...I buy the half off deals for them all the time...LOVE it.. Parking is great... beautiful views...


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          The play area if I remember correctly has two sections. One for very young and one for a little older kids. The food is decent and upstairs Pony Bar has a great view.


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            Thanks for the feedback everyone. This is probably one I'll purchase. I try to limit how many of these deals we buy since we are only there a week and we have several "must go" places.

            Unfortunately, we visit in September, so the Trimper's band isn't worth it for us. They are open, but what/when/how long is hit and miss depending on the weather.

            I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's visits/updates in the months before we go!