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Seacrets 1/2 price entrees

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  • Seacrets 1/2 price entrees

    Went over to Seacrets for their 1/2 price entrees. GOt the chicken chesapeake .. I think the cook forgot to put the sauce in the crab imperial.
    because it was basically a lump pile of crab meat on a chicken breast.. Was good.. but was def NOT worth the full price. Thank goodness we got it for 1/2 price.. Not sure if we would go back for it.? any one have any comments on it.?

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    I would have sent it back and explained what was wrong. Or at the least, asked for the manager and told them. They can't correct an error if they don't know about it. I personally avoid Seacrets.
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      Most people don't go to Seacrets for their fine dining but I will tell you their food is much improved over the past few years. I usually get bar food but have taken advantage of their half priced entrees. I don't do seafood (yea...I know) but my wife does and we have never had a bad meal there. I will say this though....this is the first time I have ever heard anyone complain about there being too much lump crab meat in any crab dish.


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        1/2 price entre..

        not saying wasnt good...just wasnt crab imperial..but was def a nice amount of crab meat... and tasty.


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          I've only had bar food on my rare trips to Seacrets. The jerk chicken is very good. (Not worth $15 or whatever is was for a jerk chicken sandwich though).