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Ocean City Fish Company (restaurant formerly known as Captain's Galley)

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  • Ocean City Fish Company (restaurant formerly known as Captain's Galley)

    Has anyone tried the "new" Ocean City Fish Company this summer?

    We went there, and dined on the upper level this past Sunday night.

    In the past, the upper level was for crabs, lighter fare, and sandwiches. They, somewhat oddly, had two different menus. One was a menu of very limited entrees, and the other had a limited amount of sandwiches.

    My wife and I split a crab cake sandwich and shrimp salad sandwich. The crab cake was very good. The shrimp salad was a little bland. The shrimp salad sandwich was also overpriced.

    I also noticed that there didn't seem to be much of a wait for either floor. I've heard murmurs that their first season in Ocean City is not going well.

    In all honesty, I used to love Captain's Galley. But, with the possible exception of going upstairs for a drink in the offseason, I really don't see myself going back to the OCFC.

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    ocean Fish

    I think this is a branch of Shrimp least same guy owns it.... We have not stopped in yet... have 3 more OC trips hoping to stop in.... So many places to go in OC...and such little time!! LOL


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      Speaking of The Shrimp Boat, I haven't stopped in there yet, and I only have one more set trip this summer.


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        I had family in town and just happened to visit the Shrimp Boat one night and OC Fish Company the next. It was interesting. The vegetable of the day was the same. I was not impressed with my flounder at the Shrimp Boat [too thin and over cooked]. I asked my server at OC Fish House about their flounder and he said it was the same as Shrimp Boat so I passed. Our meals were OK but I thought it was more expensive than I remember from Captains Galleys days. My wife said the crab cake was the same quality but it seemed smaller. Like the poster above I was surprised when leaving around 8 PM that, unlike in the past in season, there was no line waiting downstairs. Still some empty tables around. I used to send a lot of tourists who were looking for a good meal in a nice atmosphere for fair price to Captains Galley. It was a safe place to recommend. Not sure I will continue to do that.


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          My parents have eaten downstairs, and they pointed out that the prices were higher than Captain's Galley.


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            shrimp boat. ocean city fish..

            We only eat softshells or steamed crabs at Shrimp boat...other food is expensive..we feel...