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    Rumor has it that the OC Fish House [formerly Captains Galley II] has been sold again to the owners of Ropewalk Oyster House. Any of you in the know able to confirm that rumor.

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    I'd heard the OCFC wasn't doing too well. I think they tried to fix something that wasn't broken.

    I wonder if it'll be a West OC Ropewalk, or something completely different.


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      I'm was fan of Captain's Galley, and I've have been to the OC Fish Company a few times too. I tend to like it too. OCF has made some changes, some for the better, some less notable. When we were in there in late July it was pretty empty. Here are some of my thoughts on the what has and should change (downstairs only, I rarely go to the upstairs area):
      1. The biggest change they need is to attract a broader and younger clientele. I'm 50, and when I'm there with my family, there are usually a few other families in there, but we are often among the younger people there. Many of the comments below address this issue.
      2. They painted the a lot of the dark wood white, and it really helps freshen up the place a bit.
      3. They still need to make some renovations to appear more current: (1) The carpet needs to go. It looks really dated, and it is starting to get a bit dingy (2) they should think about breaking up the dining room a bit. The huge room restaurant concept is also pretty dated.
      4. They replaced the plates and the silverware. The old stuff was nice and not too old, and the new stuff is fine too. Value of the change is not obvious.
      5. Food quality seems about the same, maybe down a little bit. Menu has gotten smaller, and some prior favorites are gone (and some were gone and are back again). Nothing memorable new added to the menu.
      6. They need to dramatically update and improve their adult beverage selection to attract a younger crowd. Specifically: (1) Need to offer some more craft (ideally local) beers, in bottles, cans, and on tap (2) Need to have beer on tap (they do upstairs) (3) Wine list needs to be overhauled, seems like it is the same list from 15 years ago, and wine is a much bigger draw now and there is a much broader selection and range of tastes out there.
      7. Rethink the salad bar. We actually like it, so perhaps it should stay (it may be the last one in OC), but as is, it reinforces the out of date feel of the place.
      8. In general, my experience with the wait staff here has been consistently excellent for years. The owners should do whatever they can to keep them happy. The owners should also talk to them and listen to their ideas for improving the place.
      9. Crabcakes remain excellent.
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        At this point the Ropewalk purchase is still only a rumor. Would still be interested if anyone can verify if this is true.