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PghDave's 2016 Dining Report

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  • PghDave's 2016 Dining Report

    I'll not do a full report because a lot of it rehashes our favorites. But I'll take a hot at highlights.

    Best dining experience -- Liquid Assets. I think they will win this every year. Ky West put forth good offerings. Didn't get to a couple other perennial favorites like Catch 54 or Sunset Grill this year. LA is a top flight dining experience at the beach or anywhere.

    Rain forced us up north a few days and we hit Off the Hook and Woodys, both in Bethany. It was shrimp/fish taco night at OTH and they were great and $2 a piece. Yep, we left there full and having had a couple of craft beers for less than our tip for most OC meals. I know OTH's OC and Fenwick places get rave reviews and the Bethany location - while small and cramped -- was great. Woodys came on a local recommendation for its crab cakes -- outstanding and reasonably priced. They were both. I will say these are now my favorite crab cakes at the shore second still to G&M in Baltimore. They displaced both crabcake factory and Coins. Wow, there I said it.

    We ate at BJs three nights and brought seafood skins home in the cooler so you know our favorite OC spot. The bay water fowl was very active those nights. When a blue heron arrives (and takes off) during dinner you notice. Oh yeah, finally bought a T shirt.

    Love Harborside. Great crab dip and some blackened scallops that were perfect!

    HarborWatch served up a great crab dip and has the best raw bar in OC. Spent the better part of a rainy afternoon overlooking the inlet and schlepping oysters. Left very happy.

    I mentioned Victoria's in another thread - steamed crabs were very good. Bayside skillet breakfast was as good as ever. We only got to the longboard one night this year but enjoyed it very much. We got back to Harpoon Hannahs for a very good meal. And we missed many places this year -- Coins, Sunset Grill, Catch 54, MRDucks, Frog Bar, Rope Walk ... Two weeks is just not long enough.

    Toss I some Fractured Prunes and I think we ate very well.

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    Thanks for the report. Looks you had a great time and a lot of good food! I went down the week of 9/10-9/17 and will post a dining report in a few days.


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      I have heard such great things about KY West but never seem to get there. We always want to be somewhere with an outdoor vibe when in OC. Seacrets, Mackey's, Fager's, BJ's, Fish Tails, Ropewalk and a few in the West OC Harbor area. KY West just doesn't seem to have the atmosphere we are looking for but all of the locals RAVE about their food. Gonna have to break down and give it a shot.


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        Thanks for the great report. I love when people who go to and enjoy some of my long time favorites also give me a few new ideas of places to go!


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          Originally posted by DeMan View Post
          We always want to be somewhere with an outdoor vibe when in OC.
          I understand your point. KY West and Liquid Assets are places that could be anywhere. Certainly not maximizing the beach experience. BUT both are well worth selling out.

          I used to have a similar rule about never eating meat while in OC -- Seafood only. One year I broke that rule for a Frog Bar Burger and permanently deleted yet another rule from my life! ;-) Fortunately too because I was able to enjoy an amazing burger (3rd best in the nation, I believe) at Liquid Assets this year.


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            Dave....I acted on your recommendation for KY West. My wife and I took my son and his fiance' there to celebrate his new job. Fell in love with the bar area as soon as we went in. I didn't care for the formal dining side but the bar area is very well done. Classy but comfortable. The food was great. You can order from the fine dining menu in the bar area. I had a Delmonico, my son had filet with crab on top and the ladies had a shrimp and crab scampi dish. Everything was delicious. We will be going back especially if they are open all off season. Thanks for the heads up.


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              DeMan ... Glad you liked Ky West. And you are right, that bar area is quite nice!


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                pghDave, do you mean Woody's in "Dewey Beach"?


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                  Originally posted by Highball2 View Post
                  pghDave, do you mean Woody's in "Dewey Beach"?
                  YES, I do. Good catch and correction, thanks.

                  I struggle to separate the Delaware beaches some times.


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                    pghDave, The wife and I went to Woody's yesterday for crab cakes. And they were EXCELLENT!!! The wife scored them a 9.8. The only other place she scored higher 9.9 was the old Captains Galley, now OC FISH CO. And I think she has eaten crab cakes in every restaurant on the upper east coast. Anyway we will definitely go back. I thought the place was neat, small, but a fun place to eat and have some drinks.


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                      HB2 ... glad you -- and especially your wife -- enjoyed the crab cakes.

                      Out of curiosity has the wife tried G&M up by BWI (Linthicum Heights, MD)? They are definitely my top-rated. We get them for take out and cook at home from G&M so that may be an added advantage.

                      And I agree that the atmosphere at Woody's is pretty cool. Not sure how/where anyone parks in season though as we had a tough time finding a spot in the off season.


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                        pghDave, She has never tried G&M, but we fly into BWI often, so maybe next trip we will stop in and pick up some cakes.

                        Her favorite spot in Baltimore is Pappas on Taylor Ave.