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  • Thanksgiving Day

    This may be asking a bit much of you all; but, does anyone know of any restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day? Hubs & I are thinking about coming to OC over Turkey Day & would like to know what might be available. We don't want anything fancy or really expensive, but we'd like it to be a bit better than Micky Ds. Usually when we are there our tastes run to places like Coins & Waterman's. Due to one of us, that being me, needing open heart surgery last spring & the other one, namely him, having to deal with hip problems most of the summer into fall we never got to take our usual OC vacation, so we're hoping to do it over Thanksgiving so we can see the Christmas decorations. Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Turkey Day Dining

    Originally posted by EllAnn View Post
    This may be asking a bit much of you all; but, does anyone know of any restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day?
    While we've never been there for Thanksgiving I know a number of places are open and put on very festive Thanksgiving themed buffets. That seems the norm for the eat out at Thanksgiving experience ... all the sliced turkey you want and sides and other good food from a buffet more so than a sit-down, order off the menu. I'm sure you can do the latter but the buffets I have seen advertised look outstanding.

    I'd say keep an eye on the ads in the online version of MD Coast Dispatch ( ) and you should see the restaurants advertising for their Thanksgiving meals now that Halloween parties are past.

    I know in the past I have seen the restaurant in the Dunes Manor has a very big spread and oceanfront dining on top of that. I know there were several others that offer similar setups. I think it'd be fun and a good place to spend Turkey day.

    I'd be tempted to check places like the Longboard Cafe, Catch 54, Ky West and Just Hooked specifically as they strike me as places that would do a good job. Check the ads ... you won't go hungry! And report back on the experience please.


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      Shorebread put out an article about what places would be open for Thanksgiving. I go every year to Ocean City for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite week of the year.


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        Man, that article has me drooling. We are going to have to do thanksgiving in OC some time.


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          Thanks for the info. We don't want turkey for Thanksgiving, we can get that at home. We're hoping to find somewhere with good seafood/fish.


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            My mom and brother have gone to Captain's Table for the past several years and been very happy with it. Generally Captain's Table has had the typical Thanksgiving fare, but they have most of their menu available too. They usually post the details of their Thanksgiving offerings on their webpage.


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              Just as an update/reminder ... I was browsing this weeks E-Dition of the MD Coast Dispatch and a number of places had ads for their Thanksgiving dinners and buffets.


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                Thanks, Dave. I'm a gonna check that out right now!


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                  I just received this Thanksgiving in OC flyer in my email: