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Vitimin 2017 Dining Report

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  • Vitimin 2017 Dining Report

    I think I skipped this last year, so I thought I'd jot something down this year.

    This year it was my wife, daughter (19), son (9) and myself. My son basically had chicken strips, mac & cheese and burgers all week. Although he did try a little seafood here and there. He's coming around. He's also my last hope for picking crabs with me. My family is not a fan.

    Saturday - Pizza Boy & Cannolis
    Read every dining report I've ever wrote. First night tradition.

    Sunday - Whiskey & Rye
    New place at the La Quinta Inn. We all really enjoyed it. We shared a couple small plates. Lamb lollipops and crabby mac. My wife, son and daughter shared a couple flat bread pizzas. They enjoyed them but they were not flat. Kinda of a puffy crust. I had a crab cake sandwich. Very good crab cake. I also enjoyed a whiskey flight. 3 - 2oz pours for $20. A really good selection too.

    Monday - The Shrimp Boat
    This has become a annual stop for us. The shrimp is great and it's also the only place I eat hush puppies. They are fabulous. I had a crab cake sandwich, very big lump crab on a soft potato roll. And of course we shared a couple pounds of shrimp.

    Tuesday - Crab Alley
    Our first time here. It came recommended by ours friends that went the night before. And some family that went last year. We've tried to stop in before but there was a long wait. Not so much this time. We were seated right away. We had an order of the corn bread dunked in butter. It was crazy good! I had a combo of crab cake and snow crab legs. My daughter had the same and wife enjoy some fresh fish. Grouper I believe. My son had chicken strips, per usual.

    Wednesday - Alaska Stand
    Burgers, burgers and burgers. Can't get enough of them.

    Thursday - Embers
    The other family that we vacation with has taken a liking to this place. This is the one dinner that we do together. Everything is hot and fresh but it's just too much food. I've lost a lot of weight recently and this place isn't helping the cause. The prime rib was exceptional this year.

    Friday - Hooked
    We were really dragging our feet about dinner this night. We were tired, packing up to leave and a huge storm rolled in. We debated on getting pizza since it was storming so bad. But our friends got stranded at the Tap House because of the storm, so they called us for a ride. We figured since we were out we should just go. So glad that we did. Hands down the best meal of the week, by far. We shared some crab dip and calamari and I ordered a few oysters. My son loved the calamari. My wife had the scallops which was the special that night. She typically doesn't order scallops but the came highly recommended by the waitress. My wife said it's the best meal she's had in a really long time. I had the cioppino which I've had every time I've been there. It's amazing. probably the best dish I've ever had. Loaded with clams, mussels, scallops, fish, and sausage. I'm probably missing something too. My daughter had the fresh fish of the night. The quality of food at Hooked is outstanding.

    Saturday - Pizza Boy. We ended the trip with a slice for breakfast while they were packing up a "cannoli kit" to take home.

    Actually my son had a slice everyday of the vacation. Needless to say he's a fan.

    We felt the restaurants were very slow. We didn;t have to wait longer than 5 minutes at any of the sit down restaurants. Actaully it seemed like the boardwalk restaurants, Pizza Boy, Julias and Alaska Stand had the longest waits. Which is good to see.

    We had The Shark and Ropewalk on the list but the old standbys made the cut instead of these. Maybe next year. We're tossing around 2 weeks.

    Enjoy the beach!

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    We tried sandwiches at Pizza Boy when we were there for the Memorial Day Weekend. I'll have to try the pizza at some point. We'll be down at least twice more before summer's over.


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      Thanks for the great review. I love reading these!


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        Great report. I enjoy reading these as well. It gives you ideas for new places or lets you check places you haven't been for a while. We have not been to crab alley for a while so I was glad to read you enjoyed it. We like west OC places because it seems like the prices are more reasonable there. We too love Hooked, but we have been going to Just Hooked in Fenwick lately. When we can we eat in Delaware to escape the MD taxes. The extra tax on booze is just a sin.

        I wish more of these trip reports were posted. I look forward to them every year.



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          Great report. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. I think these kind of detailed trip reports are what make this forum valuable and set it apart from other social media.

          So let's talk cannoli for a minute ... are pizza boy and Julia's Cannoli one in the same???
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            Originally posted by pghDave View Post
            Great report. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. I think these kind of detailed trip reports are what make this forum variable and set it apart from other social media.

            So let's talk cannoli for a minute ... are pizza boy and Julia's Cannoli one in the same???

            Yes. Same family, same building but you pay separately. George is Julia's son in law and he runs the cannoli shop, Rob is George's son and runs the pizza shop. Great family. On some mornings you can even catch Julia there.