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VitiminJ 2018 Munchy Report - The extended edition.

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  • VitiminJ 2018 Munchy Report - The extended edition.

    Our annual OC trip starts this Saturday July 7th! Read every report I've written and you'll know where we are eating on Saturday. We extended our trip to 2 weeks this year so I think I'll update this post every couple days instead of waiting until we get back. Since we're spending extra $ on the lodging, we're reducing our eating out. At least that's the plan. We'll see how well we stick to it. More to come.

    This year there are 4 of us. Me, wife, 20 & 10 year old.

    Here we go...

    Saturday - Pizza Boy
    Large pep and a few beers to start vacation. Cannolis for dessert.

    Sunday - DaVincis by the Sea. It was close by and decent food. Free salad and Italian bread! Great creamy Italian dressings. I ordered the Chef Special. Rock fish stuffed with crab imperial. Not too shabby. My wife has the lobster ravioli, very good! The "kids" rounded things out with shrimp alfredo and buttered spaghetti.

    Monday - Meatball subs in the condo! Extra, extra cheese. Scratch that subs on the beach!. We took dinner mobile and ate on the sand. Relaxing.

    Tuesday. - Our middle daughter & boyfriend flew in from Phoenix. On the way we ate at the Joe's Shrimp Boat. We've been there for a few years. I hate to say it but it seems to be going down hill a bit. It's a bummer because we've had some good meals there over the years. This year it was split.
    Clam strips, hush puppies, shrimp tacos, shrimp dinner and 1lb of shrimp.
    The shrimp were large but some of them were really black, they scared me so I didn't eat them. Also some of them peeled them nice and easy and some were need impossible to peel.
    Clam strips & shrimp dinner were a little over fried. Very dark in color and a lot less than years past. 5 fried (small) shrimp in the dinner $16.99.
    Hush puppies are fantastic!

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    FUN!! We used to go for multiple weeks too, but the older we got, the less we did. Now, we just go for a couple of days once or twice a year. The nearly 7 hour drive doesn't get easier as we're aging. I always cooked in the condo at least 3 nights a week. It definitely helped. Can't wait to read your report, because you always find some good place to eat. Have a great time!! Hey, with the temporary injunction going away for bare chested women, you may even discover something new and exciting! lol
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      Enjoy your pizza, wings and canolli!

      I like the idea of in-progress reports throughout your stay. Look forward to them.


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        Thanks for sharing, I hope you're having a great trip!! I look forward to hearing more... I just tried the Shrimp Boat for the first time a few months back and I was super impressed with their shrimp (of course), hush puppies and green beans. I dream about those hush puppies every night.