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    First post on this forum. We have been going to Ocean City for over 30 years. We live near Pittsburgh. Seen the landscape constantly changing. The smaller "mom and pop" operations have all but disappeared. The have had some growing pains and I believe that do a good job handling adversity. Yes, people complain the prices are high. But if you go anywhere on vacation that's the case. We visited Disney World last spring and also did a short weekender to Las Vegas. So when we come to Ocean City the prices seem in line. So on with my dining report for this year. Got into town on a Sunday morning. We stay at a condo so no check-in.
    Sunday Lunch - Brass Balls Saloon Always a great way to start the week. We love to eat and have an ocean view. We shared the crab dip and fish tacos. Both were yummy. We both had a couple of donkey punch drinks.
    Soooo good.
    Sunday Dinner - 28th Street Pit & Pub. Me and my wife had sliders and steamed shrimp. Their drinks are the biggest in OC. We drank rum and cokes. No complaints
    Monday Breakfast - Sahara Cafe This place is always busy and for good reasons. We both had the Chesapeake Crab Benedict. Eggs. Canadian bacon and crab meat on an English muffin. I could eat one of these every day.
    Monday Lunch - Malia's Cafe I had fish tacos and my better half has the crabby melt. Both very very tasty.We make this an annual stop.
    Monday Dinner - Mother's Cantina Chicken and fish tacos and a few of their house margaritas. They are busy but their food quality is always top notch. We got out of there for less than $30 including tip.
    Tuesday Breakfast - We skipped it
    Tuesday Lunch - Mackeys I had a crab cake sandwich and the wife had rockfish fingers. We both had a Mango Mackey. This is also an annual stop. Always good service and food.
    Tuesday Dinner - Lombardi's I had Linguine w/crabmeat and she had Lasagna. This is another place that is always busy. Reasonable prices and good food. This is also on our list every year.
    Wednesday - Breakfast Barn34 I had Captain Crunch french toast and my wife has a crab and cheddar omelet. This is our 3rd time here and have never left disappointed
    Wednesday - Lunch We to the boards and ate hamburgs at the Alaskan Stand and of course picked up some fries from Thrashers.
    Wednesday - Dinner We drove up to Ocean View which is past Bethany and ate at the Big Fish Grill. First time we have been here. We shared a chopped salad.. I ordered broiled crab cakes and she had cioppino.
    It was full of shrimp, clams, mussels and scallops. I almost wished I had ordered it. But once I tasted the crab cakes that thought left my mind. It was a five star meal. I hope we make it back again.
    Thursday - Breakfast We skipped it
    Thursday - Lunch On the Bay Seafood Doesn't look like much from the road but they sure know their seafood. I had a crab cake sandwich (of course) and the wife had a soft shell crab sandwich. We both drank a
    frozen Tropical Mango. Another outstanding meal.
    Thursday - Dinner Fish Tales This place has quickly become one of our favs. We both started with a Painkiller and Thai Shrimp. I ordered a Crab Cake platter (what else) and she had the Seafood Mixed Grill.
    Capped it off with another Painkiller. We have had mixed results here and this night they were on their game. Their drinks however are always great.
    Friday Breakfast - Skipped
    Friday Lunch - Shrimp Boat Always worth the drive over the bridge. We both had a soft shell crab sandwich and ordered a few crabs. Great lunch.
    Friday Dinner - B.J.'s My wife has the Seafood Medley and I had the Lump Crab Imperial. She loved her meal and the crab was some of the best I've ever ate. There is a reason this place has been around so long.
    Saturday - Breakfast - Skipped
    Saturday - Lunch We drove up to the outlets in Rehoboth and stopped at Zog's Raw Bar and Grill. We shared an order of Calamari and Coconut Shrimp. We've been here before and always leave satisfied.
    Saturday - Dinner The Angler We seem to always find our way back here. My wife had the Crab Cakes and I had the Imperial Shrimp. I sampled her crab cake and it was very tasty. The shrimp was of good size and the
    lump crab meat was delicious.
    There you have it . No bad meals to complain about. I guess after going there for years you figure it out. We has so many favorites that we don't have much time to try the new places. We didn't make it to the Big Easy on 60,
    Crabcake Factory, Longboard Cafe, Marine Deck or Seacrets. There is always next year.

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    Great thorough review! Sounds like you took notes during your visit. A few thoughts:

    If you're from Pittsburgh and a sports fan, you have to go to Buxy's on 28th (Salty Dog). Buxy is a Pittsburgh sports junky and his place caters to Steeler, Pirate & Penguin fans. They advertise it as "A taste of the 'Burgh". He bought the old Pizza Hut next door and converted it into another restaurant, Dry Dock 28.

    On The Bay: Is that the place around 40th St. where you see mostly AUCE crabs? Friend of mine days it's the best in town for crabs. We usually go to Higgin's because it's nearby, but On The Bay may be worth walking a few extra blocks

    Haven't been to the Angler in a while. Good food and nice location. I have a few "rain check" cards from when we didn't feel like waiting for the after dinner cruise. Do they still do the free cruise?

    BJ's is my wife's favorite; when the kids were little, they'd feed the ducks.

    You skipped a few breakfasts; try The Dunes Manor or Happy Jack's next time. Also Fractured Prune doughnuts

    Check out my Dining Guide from last year; you'll see Mother's is our favorite and I'm currently boycotting Pit & Pub after way too many horrible service issues!

    I can relate to the price comparison between OC & Disney World. Our daughter performed there this past spring and also 2 years ago. Major financial expenditure. I love DW, but you can go broke there. It really is worth the expense, as they offer an incredible variety of experiences for all ages. What resort did you stay at?


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      Jozo, we have been to Buxy's many times. On The Bay is on 42nd. Don't know about cruise at Anglers. While at Disney we stayed offsite at Meli


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        Dave, sounds like you had a delicious trip. Great reviews.

        Do you mind if I put your review into a post on I did that back in September when another forum user wrote a dining report here:

        Everyone enjoys reading Ocean City restaurant reviews and the site gets a lot more traffic than the forum does (unfortunately!!)


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          Yes you may Kristin.


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            Wow, yinz ate well in OC. Job well done. Great write up. You

            (wow, message board just ate 2-3 paragraphs of my reply. Bummer. Will reply when I
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              As I was saying ... you've given me a few things to think about for our trip.

              For sure we will return to the angler this year and ride the boat. (I have said that for the past 3 years ...)

              Big Fish sounds interesting and we usually get up north to LSD a day or three. Of course Woodys is a required stop but appreciate having options.

              Thanks for for taking the time to write this up!


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                We like to have breakfast at the Angler at least once while in OC. We like sit on the dock and watch the boats go out. Good breakfast, good prices!
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                  Great write up. You and your wife sound like me and mine. We drink the same drinks! Haha


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                    Originally posted by Holly'sMom View Post
                    We like to have breakfast at the Angler at least once while in OC. We like sit on the dock and watch the boats go out. Good breakfast, good prices!
                    Wow, breakfast at the angler -- great idea. If there's one are we can up our consumption game it's breakfast. A great way to hit more places! :-)


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                      Try Iron Hill Brewery for lunch or dinner next time you're at the Rehoboth Outlet Mall. Great food and craft beer.

                      Dave, know I'm gonna kick myself for asking, what's LSD?


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                        Originally posted by Jozo View Post
                        Dave, know I'm gonna kick myself for asking, what's LSD?
                        This is a shot in the dark, but I think it's Lower Slower Delaware
                        common sense is not so common


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                          Originally posted by Jozo View Post
                          Dave, know I'm gonna kick myself for asking, what's LSD?
                          Yep, bar2008 has it right -- Lower Slower Delaware.


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                            Thought I'd heard them all until now; that's funny


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                              Originally posted by davec343 View Post
                              Yes you may Kristin.
                              Thank ya!

                              And, Jozo, I'm glad to hear Iron Hill is good!! It's like the one brewery in the region I haven't been to yet, and I've been meaning to go since the Rehoboth location opened.

                              Edited to add: I had no idea that @'ing someone would link to their member profile.... I learn something new about this forum every day